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Feeling lost in the technology sea?
Feeling lost in the technology sea?
Are your Telecom and IT projects wasting your valuabe time?
Let us navigate you with our expert Project Management services.

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Fryktoria provides consulting services in the Telecommunications and IT sector.

Our character:


We follow the needs of our customers. We use our expertise to solve their problems and we expand our knowledge to address their future requirements.


We see our work as crucial for the business of our customers and we strive to excel.


Projects are never isolated islands. We design considering the smooth integration with the environment of our customer.


We are always there for our customers. We modify, adapt and enhance our deliverables as per the ever-transforming business and technologies.

Our Skills

We know Telecoms

  • Fiber optic networks, FTTH
  • Fixed and mobile Telephony, SIP, IMS, MVNO, AXE-10
  • Data centers and PoPs
  • Outdoor cabins and shelters
  • Automation and Control, SCADA
  • Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Sensors, IoT. (Explore our wiki for various articles)

We know IT

  • Infrastructure (Servers, storage, virtualization)
  • Software development (PHP, Javascript, etc)
  • GIS (PostGIS, Openlayers, Geoserver etc)
  • Messaging, SMS, SMPP

We know Management and more...

  • Coaching & support for C-levels
  • Project Management (PMI, Earned Value Analysis), Metrics and KPIs
  • Quality audit
  • Regulatory
  • Procurement
  • Feasibility and Profitability analysis
Fiber optics


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What is a Fryktoria?

The name "Fryktoria" means a communication network which was used in antiquity to transfer optical messages using the light of fires or torches. The great poet Aeschylus who lived in the 5th century BC, describes in detail in his tragedy 'Agamemnon' (verses 283-316) an implementation of such a network, built to signal the fall of Troy to the Myceneans. This network, which was designed by Palamedes according to the much older and mostly lost epic poem Cypria, employed eight stations and covered an aggregate line-of-sight distance of 550 kilometers, having the longest span at approximately 130Km over sea. Watching 'Agamemnon' with the eyes of a telecom engineer, we identify the same protocol timing issues of the modern optical communications in the words of the "fryktoria" operator, a soldier who was afraid that he might fall asleep in the dark, cold night and miss the signals from afar.

Later optical networks had a more elaborate handshaking scheme. In the "Pyrseia" system of the 3rd century BC, the transmitter made visible two torches, the receiver acknowledged with two torches, all parties went dark for a few moments and finally, the transmitter started to send the message payload. This system encoded each letter of the alphabet with two words of five bits each.


Map created by Fryktoria GIS. Background tiles provided by OpenStreetMap.